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Welcome to my very first Podcast series! I trust that you will be inspired with hope and confidence as you listen to the episodes below. They reflect the lives of women who have been through storms of varying intensities, but by God’s grace, they have come out strong! Come and listen as they share their joys and sorrows through it all. In each of the brief introductions and descriptions below, you may notice that I have purposely not included titles and profiles. 

My purpose is not to attract you by what these beautiful individuals DO and what they have accomplished, but to retell their real human stories, in the hope that you will relate and be blessed and encouraged. Note further for the sake of clarity, that in each description, mention is made of a character found in the Bible.

Weekly podcasts

It has been a privilege for me to share the stories of these amazing women. I hope you too will find courage, hope and inspiration as I have.

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Njedeka Orji Episode 11

In this final episode, we talk to Njdeka about the importance of sharing our personal stories. Come and listen as she shares some inspiring stories of her own.

Janine Cass Episode 10

In this episode Janine parallels her journey of TRUST with that of Ruth’s journey into an unknown land.

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Yulia Garfunkel Episode 9

Meet Yulia Garfunkel who highlights the PRAYER stories and struggles of 2 Biblical women and how, in her own experience as a stranger in a foreign country, PRAYER  made all the difference.

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Glenrae Muhayimana Episode 8

This episode features Glenrae Muhayimana, who shares her all-too-familiar struggle with PATIENCE. Listen for how she parallels her own experience with that of the notable Bible character, Moses.

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Jane Muller Episode 7

This episode features Jane Muller who illustrates in the life of Tamar and in her own life how to grow the gift of COURAGE in the face of betrayal and loss.


Jessica da Silva: Episode 6 Peace

In this episode Jessica shares with us how a painful experience in her life helped her to understand the meaning of true PEACE; the peace that “passes all understanding”.

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Fiona Pillay: Episode 5 Service

In this episode Fiona talks about how her engagement in SERVICE brought her healing and a greater sense of purpose.

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Lucinda Calvert: Episode 4 Authenticity

Episode 4 features Lucinda Calvert, who will both inspire and challenge you as she, with the help of the illustrious Paul, traces her journey to AUTHENTICITY and freedom in Christ.

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Deline Saaiman: Episode 3 Love

Come and listen as Deline Saaiman candidly shares her struggle in her parenting journey and describes how the magnanimous LOVE of David inspires her to love more lavishly…

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Jenine Douman: Episode 2 Hope

Meet Jenine Douman who speaks about the significant losses Job experienced and relates that to her own painful experiences of loss. Listen for how hope shines through the pain… (coming soon)

Nomonde Ngwenya: Episode 1 Faith.

This episode features Nomonde Ngwenya, who, inspired by the life of Abraham, shares her own experience of how her faith in God has kept her anchored during the loss of a loved one.

Do visit again soon to hear these and many other episodes.