Repurposed and restored men and women who are bold enough to live out their God-given purpose and who help to create stronger and healthier families and communities.


To challenge, encourage, inspire and support men and women as they recognise their true potential, tap into their incredible uniqueness and live transformational lives

Core Beliefs

Repurposed and Restored ascribes to the following core beliefs:

  1. God is sovereign; God is good!
  2. God’s Word is Truth!
  3. We were made WITH love and FOR love!
  4. We never stop learning and growing!
  5. Authentic living is the only way to live!
  6. There is joy in unselfish service!
  7. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for!
  8. Transformation is within our reach.
  9. There is always a solution.
  10. WHO you are speaks very loudly.


from happy clients

As a result of coaching with Belinda, I have managed to overcome my fears, gain confidence, learnt to stand on my feet, fight for my freedom and above all I learnt to trust in God more than before. Thank you so much Belinda, for believing in me, for giving me courage and strength. I am really grateful and appreciate you.
I did not realize how much I needed a life coach until I had my first appointment with Belinda. It makes a difference to talk to someone whom you know is not just listening, but is actually "deep listening." She has given me so many things to think about, which has helped me make wiser decisions concerning my future … I am thankful for her commitment and support.
The coaching sessions have helped me change my perspective and recognise that I am responsible for my own actions, thoughts & motives. It has been extremely helpful in terms of helping me clear the debris from my mind.
I enjoyed the authenticity (of the sessions) and reshaping my thought patterns, learning about habit stacking, and recognising God's word as superior and not the negative things I've normalised for so long. I am starting to slowly see myself differently through God's lenses, I'm able to recognise negative and unhelpful thoughts and replace them with God's word and can now be more solution-based instead of just wallowing in self-pity. I've also now realised that making mistakes is okay as long as I learn from them, and am willing to do better and move forward.
Coaching with Mrs. Belinda Solomon has been an incredible journey of self-discovery and greater self-awareness. I have also learnt how to be a better decision-maker, how to set goals, how to be the best version of myself and to be able to take responsibility and accountability for my actions and how I react to outside forces. Coaching has taught me to reflect on my values and to remember to implement them in my daily life and work as well as how to overcome obstacles by developing a positive mindset. Having learnt how to set healthy boundaries (both in the workplace and in my relationships), as well as doing away with my old ways of thinking, has helped me work towards greater self-confidence. My experience with coaching has been a catalyst which has empowered me to embrace my uniqueness.
Belinda, thank you for helping me see things in a different light. Since our sessions, I can see things from a new perspective. I only now discovered that I have so much inside of me - I'm creative, a good listener, I can give advice when it is needed, I'm a problem solver, I'm good at organising and planning, I'm a dreamer and these are all skills that have previously been hidden inside me. I never had much confidence or believed in myself before… now I realise that I am much more than I would admit to myself. I am worthy, I am special, I am unique, and I only really came to understand and believe this, since our sessions. So, thank you for coming to my aid when I needed you the most.
In my time spent attending the coaching sessions, I have been pushed in many ways – pushed to confront things I’ve lived my whole life choosing to avoid. This push was gentle and encouraging and I have grown in understanding and maturity. I appreciate the “push” because it was fuelled by love. It was like a blessing I never thought I needed. Everything I have experienced in coaching has changed me and propelled me in my journey. I will always remember these sessions and more than the content, the facilitator’s presence, kindness, understanding and God-given empathy. Thank you for everything and wishing you the best of blessings.